Tips For Video Rendering and Compression

Video captured in real-time uses up a lot of RAM. To save space, an editing program typically will not fully render a whole video, so some parts end up not completely ready to view. Thus the video requires a lot of further work from you to prepare it for full... read more

How To Make A Video With PowerPoint

Knowing how to make a video with PowerPoint will give you the skills to make professional presentations that provide the leading edge over your colleagues. Slide shows or videos can be made in PowerPoint to add drama, punch, and impact to a presentation. You can use... read more

How To Make A Video Documentary

The best model of how to make a video documentary involves a lot of hard work, but the rewards can be stellar.  To start filming your first documentary, think through the following steps. Start with a great idea, something new or a new perspective on a well-known... read more

How To Make A Video Animation

If you want to know how to make a video animation, look no further. All you need is a digital camera, a computer, and some imagination. Start with an idea, and choose something simple for your first try. Then you need a digital camera set to the lowest size image... read more

3 Point Lighting For Video Production

One of the best ways to instantly improve your video production quality is to learn how to light a video shoot. Digital video produces an image that’s pretty flat, so you need proper lighting to give your subject some depth and dimension. It’s not really that... read more

Tips For Making Good Wedding Videos

Videotaping weddings can quickly grow from hobby to budding business, if you do it right. However, doing it right comes with a unique set of challenges. Wedding videographers have to record every shot in a single take, because it’s only going to happen once—you can’t... read more

Try Video Software For Free

When you’re first starting out in video production, you’ll be looking to buy some software—after all, the best hardware is only as good as the software you run on it. You can spend some serious money on software for all the editing, digitizing, and effects you want,... read more

How To Make A Video Tribute

When someone you love passes on, knowing how to make a video tribute can offer you a synthesis of cherished memories, a positive channel for your grief, and a source of comfort for you and your family.  The website MemoryOf provides a host for your memorial website... read more

Video Editing Freeware

A good video editing suite can run you a cool thousand or more, but if you do some research you can find lots of freeware and open source software that will provide adequate editing capacities for everyone’s favorite price—free. Of course there are always iMovie and... read more

Creating Photo Montages

For wedding receptions, parties, anniversaries, special celebrations, and family history video, montages of digital stills are popular and easy to do. Montage videos make great gifts and surprises for people celebrating milestones. To create a video photo montage,... read more