For wedding receptions, parties, anniversaries, special celebrations, and family history video, montages of digital stills are popular and easy to do. Montage videos make great gifts and surprises for people celebrating milestones.

To create a video photo montage, first gather all the photographs you want to use. They should be high-quality digitals that make a variety of statements—historical, descriptive, poignant, or humorous, for example. Avoid selecting too many “funny” pictures that show people looking stupid; you want to entertain, not embarrass. Organize the photos into a logical sequence that tells an interesting story. Divide it into sections if that seems appropriate; for example, if you’re doing a family history, you might divide the story by residence location.

Scan all the photographs and store them on a hard drive, either internal or external. Number the photos in the order you’ve selected.

Select appropriate music, narration, poetry, or other sound for the montage. Each sound selection should match the accompanying photo. For example, you might choose springy, upbeat music to go with a comic photograph, or something sentimental and romantic to go with a wedding kiss. Import all your sound choices to your computer.

Import the photo and sound files into your video editing software. Write some opening titles and lay down the soundtrack first. Place the photographs on the track, with transitions (cuts, fades, dissolves, etc.) in between each photo. You may want to place attractive borders around your photos, as well. Use section titles if your montage is divided into segments, and lay down the soundtrack individually for each section. 

Then you’re ready to render the video. Use your software to preview and make final edits as needed. Export the video and burn it to DVD, and you have a photo montage.