Video helps drive traffic to your websites, and knowing how to make a promotional video can give you the edge over your competition.

The trick is to make quality video that inspires trust in you, excitement and demand for your product.

Here’s a short set of tips for making good promotional video:

  • Know your audience. Identify your target market and match your dress, style, and vernacular to your desired customers. Appearing too different from your audience will alienate your viewers.
  • Demonstrate how to use your product—whatever it may be. “Show me, don’t tell me” will be your audience’s mantra.
  • Keep your video short; stick to your main points. Attention spans are about four seconds long, on average, so keep things moving.
  • Make a clear call to action. Know what you want from your audience, tell them how it will benefit them, and clearly state the action you desire.
  • Provide testimonials. Show others who have benefited from your product, demonstrate your results. Build credibility.

These are some of the best ways to move you toward understanding how to make a promotional video.