If you want to know how to make a video animation, look no further. All you need is a digital camera, a computer, and some imagination. Start with an idea, and choose something simple for your first try. Then you need a digital camera set to the lowest size image setting (so you can fit more images onto your memory card). You need some kind of video editing software, like iMovie or QuickTime Pro. Some free software downloads are available online for multiple platforms.

Shoot your animation using the still mode on your camera (not video mode). So if you want to make it look like something is moving across the floor, place the item at the beginning and take a picture; use a tripod to keep your camera in one place and move the item gradually, taking a still photo at each move. That’ll make it look like the item is moving through the frame when you animate the images. Or, you can keep the object in the same place in the frame by moving the camera along with it, to make it look like you’re traveling with the item. If you make a mistake while shooting, delete that picture and re-take it.

Once you’re satisfied with your images, download them to your computer. Use your video editing software to create a new project and select the photos you’re going to use. Place them in the correct sequence.

To animate the photos, you’ll need to tell your software how long you want each image to appear before moving on to the next—usually just a fraction of a second to make the animation look right. Your timing will affect how the animation looks. Then you select the photos and use the software to animate them using the time duration you’ve chosen. Once all the photos have been brought in, hit play to view your animation.

You can speed it up or slow it down based on how it looks. You also may want to add music for fun and flavor. You need to convert it to QuickTime in order to share it online, using your software’s “Export” or “Share” options (depending on what program you’ve got).

Have fun and experiment with different types of short videos, now that you know how to make a video animation!