You want to know how to make a video CD because video CD (also called VCD) costs less than DVD to make. You need to burn your MPEG video file on a CD-R disc for best results; CD-RW has a lower compatibility level. Even on a CD-R, keep in mind that not all VCDs will play in a DVD player.
  • You’ll need video conversion software to make video CDs. WinAVI Video Converter is a good choice in the shareware department. You can download WinAVI for free here:
  • WinAVI will let you convert the video files you select from your computer into the compressed video MPEG-2 format.
To make the VCD,
  1. open the burning software you’re going to use. Most computers already have software to use for CD burning (example: Nero), but if yours doesn’t, download free burning software like Ultra MPEG to DVD Burner (
  2. Then choose the video files you want to burn from your directory.
  3. Insert the blank CD-R into your computer’s CD drive and the burning program will recognize it.
  4. Just select “Burn” and you’ll be on your way—now you know how to make a video CD.