Knowing how to make a video commercial is an extremely valuable skill in today’s Internet-focused market. Filming a video commercial is pretty easy to do. Here are a few things to assist your planning process:

  1. Create a plan. Know what your commercial will look like, what will be said, and what you hope to accomplish. Write down your plan and script.
  2. Hire some talent. Maybe you plan to appear in the commercial, but good actors can really draw attention to your sales pitch. If your budget is tight, put up an ad in a college or university drama department.
  3. Break out the camcorder and start filming. Record several times to get it right. 
  4. Use video production software in the post-production phase. Edit the video, choosing the best takes, splicing takes together for best results. Use transitions, and consider the flow, timing, and pace of your commercial.
  5. Add in some background, like music, narration, or other audio; special effects are available on most video editing software. Make sure background audio doesn’t drown out the actors.

Once you learn how to make a video commercial, your videography skills are likely to be in much higher demand.