When someone you love passes on, knowing how to make a video tribute can offer you a synthesis of cherished memories, a positive channel for your grief, and a source of comfort for you and your family. 

The website MemoryOf provides a host for your memorial website and tribute (http://www.memory-of.com/public/createtrialsite3.aspx). Start with your loved one’s obituary, then gather together the photographs, video clips, and audio recordings you want to include in your video tribute. Use them to create a Family Album celebrating your loved one’s life. Then you can upload the video and audio clips you’ve chosen to the album on the memorial site you’ve created.

The memorial site will stay as long as you want it to. Each year, you can light a memorial candle on the memorial site, including a message expressing your loving memories, to commemorate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or other days that were important or special to your loved one. MemoryOf also allows you to compile a family tree on the memorial site to provide a historical family context. Enter in the loved one’s obituary, timeline, marriage, hobbies, and other meaningful information.

Family, friends, colleagues, or any interested parties can visit the memorial site and add their own messages of tribute and expressions of love, caring, sympathy, and condolence. Visitors also can light memory candles in tribute to the passed one.

Reference the memorial website in the obituary, and you also can ask for a memorial to be published on each anniversary of death, referencing the website. These are some easy steps toward how to make a video tribute, and the process can aid in your healing.