For YouTube uploading, most people want to know how to make a video widescreen. While it is possible to take a standard 4:3 ratio video and turn it into 16:9 ratio, the result may not be what you’re looking for; it’ll just stretch the video and make the figures look squatty and out-of-proportion. That said, here are the basic instructions for doing that kind of a stretch, using Windows Movie Maker:

  1. Open Windows Movie Maker
  2. Go to the Tools menu
  3. Click Options→Advanced
  4. Find the little box that says Video Properties (it will show 4:3 selected)
  5. Click 16:9 to change the ratio.

Another way to make a video widescreen from the 4:3 ratio is to resize the image and therefore, crop off the top and bottom of your recorded video, which you can do using professional-quality video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc. Again, this will change your frame and may not give you the video quality you may have hoped for.

However, the best way to make a video widescreen is to record it in the correct format to begin with. That just means you need a camera or camcorder that captures in the 16:9 ratio. All film-style movie cameras capture in widescreen, and nowadays lots of consumer and prosumer camcorders provide the ability to capture in the widescreen ratio as well. So your best bet is to learn how to make a video widescreen by using the right camera equipment.