There are lots of reasons why you’d want to know how to make a video without a camera. You might want to record what’s happening on your computer screen so you can send your failed operations to tech support and get help. In that case, you need to show exactly what appears on the screen so the techs can understand and provide a quick solution. Another use for capturing onscreen activity on video is to demonstrate a software product you’re trying to sell or train employees to use.
Recording your computer screen with a camcorder isn’t going to work. It’ll be blurry and impossible to read, hard to edit later, and the resulting huge video file will be very difficult to share and transmit. You need capability to record onscreen activity as a video file.
To capture screen shots without a camera, you need a screen recorder. Good screen capture software allows you to record your computer screen, mirror all your operations, and include audio narration to enhance demonstrations. You also can add callouts or other text to highlight the demo, and publish the resulting video as Flash for convenient sharing and distribution.

Some possibilities to check out for screen capture recording software include

Some of these are free and they all work! For more information on how to make a video, download your free ebook.