The hard part of how to make a wedding video is not the actual shooting of the footage. It’s pretty easy to get all the romantic moments, the emotional exchanges, the kiss, the first dance, and all those sights and sounds that document this once-in-a-lifetime event. The key to making good wedding video lies in the editing phase.

You need some good conversations with the bride and groom so you know what presentation they’re looking for. Usually, they’ll want the ceremony uncut and the reception presented as a series of highlights. They might want a video montage, or a music-style video. Give yourself plenty of time for editing. Your clients will want it fast, but don’t shortchange them. 

Allowing 40 to 50 hours for a good edit is not unreasonable, but include extra time if they want labels or animation. Also allow for copying and shipping time. Use your B-roll for transitions between scenes and to cover cuts. Match up elements, like how a subject is standing or sitting, to join clips together when they’ve been taken out of order. Use transitions between shots with different elements. Wipes are good transitions to use for wedding video.

Create or capture music to accompany your action. Your clients may have chosen some music, in which case you can add other selections to complement their choices. If you follow these steps, you’re well along the path to knowing how to make a wedding video—now you can try out your skills for family, friends, or paying clients.