There must be a reason why more than 65,000 videographers and scriptwriters use the web-based screenwriting software known as In fact, there are probably quite a few reasons, first of which may be their free beginner’s membership and 30-day free trial for the professional-level Scripped Pro version.
Scripped Writer is fast, easy to use, and relatively powerful. You can store your projects online and access them from any computer, or use the handy online/offline tool if you don’t have access to the Internet (the feature automatically synchronizes scripts updated offline when you log into your Scripped account). Scripped promises security and easy accessibility. You don’t have to download any software—once you become a member, all the essential scriptwriting features (standard “tab” and “enter” shortcuts, auto-complete, and script summarization) are made available to you right from the Scripped website. You also can easily convert your script to a scene breakdown, download scripts as PDFs, or import scripts from other programs to edit and manipulate in Scripped.
Scripped also has a handy group feature, allowing multiple writers to collaborate on a single script in real time. Groups can be private and exclusive, or made open to the Scripped community to attract other writers with similar interests to a specific collaborative piece. The sizeable community of Scripped members can interact, share their work, give and request feedback, and discuss the writing process. Beginners can learn from more experienced writers.
Scripped members also have immediate access to some of the popular scriptwriting contests, including Author Solutions, Spike TV, and the Steven de Sousa Competition.