How To Make A Video In YouTube

How to make a video in YouTube is a skill you need whether you want to break into video podcasting, share home movies, market a product, or just have fun. All you need to make a video in YouTube is a digital camera and a YouTube account. First, make the movie you want... read more

How To Make A Video Commercial

Knowing how to make a video commercial is an extremely valuable skill in today’s Internet-focused market. Filming a video commercial is pretty easy to do. Here are a few things to assist your planning process: Create a plan. Know what your commercial will look like,... read more

YouTube Success Story – Nigahiga

If you’ve never watched the Nigahiga Channel on YouTube, there’s no time like the present. In August 2009, Nigahiga became the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. As of August 2010, Nigahiga had more than 2.6 million subscribers and in excess of 84 million... read more

How To Make A Video Widescreen

For YouTube uploading, most people want to know how to make a video widescreen. While it is possible to take a standard 4:3 ratio video and turn it into 16:9 ratio, the result may not be what you’re looking for; it’ll just stretch the video and make the figures look... read more

How To Make A Video Presentation

You can learn how to make a video presentation for your work and the process can be fairly easy and inexpensive. If you’re the presenter and you’re comfortable speaking in front of a camera, you’re on your way. If others will present, make sure they’re comfortable and... read more

Planning Your Camera Moves – Motivation

Planning your camera moves based on the motivation, means only using specific moves when it moves it is necessary, to help move the storyline along, creates a specific feeling in the viewer, or when the characters actions warrant it. When you watch amateur video... read more

How To Make A Promotional Video

Video helps drive traffic to your websites, and knowing how to make a promotional video can give you the edge over your competition. The trick is to make quality video that inspires trust in you, excitement and demand for your product. Here’s a short set of tips for... read more

How To Protect Your Video Gear When Travelling

Hey, you paid a lot of money for your video gear. When you’re traveling around on location, you need to make sure that expensive stuff survives the trip.  Here are some tips for keeping your video gear safe and yourself sane. Make a list and check it twice. Santa... read more

How To Make A Video Autoplay

In order for your website or blog video to start playing automatically whenever a visitor hits on your site, you need to know how to make a video autoplay. Once you know how to embed the video on the site, you then will need to know how to create JavaScript code to... read more

How To Make A Wedding Video

The hard part of how to make a wedding video is not the actual shooting of the footage. It’s pretty easy to get all the romantic moments, the emotional exchanges, the kiss, the first dance, and all those sights and sounds that document this once-in-a-lifetime... read more