Tips On How To Make A Corporate Video

When considering how to make a corporate video, you need to think about all the different purposes they can be used for and what you are trying to accomplish with your video. How many TV commercials show groups brainstorming around a corporate conference table? Jack... read more

How To Make A Video HQ

YouTube success depends partly on knowing how to make a video HQ so you present it in its best possible quality. That means you have to encode videos correctly. There are a couple of reasons why videos might look bad on YouTube. First, they might be transcoded poorly.... read more

How To Make A Video – Using A Zolly Camera Move

How to make a video involves a lot more planning than just deciding on a topic and starting to shoot. There a different camera tehniques and moves that can help move your story along, or stir emotions in the viewer. One of these camera tricks is called a zolly. A... read more

How To Make A Video Blog

Why would you want to know how to make a video blog? There are so many millions of blogs on the Internet now that there’s no doubt about their popularity. Video is just one feature that helps a blog stand out from the crowd. Setting up a video blog (or vlog) can be... read more

YouTube Grant Program

 The YouTube grant program for YouTube partners was announced in August 2010.  This program is designed to help members of the partner program improve their video quality. The new program, called YouTube Partner Grants, sets up a $5 Million grant fund with the goal of... read more

How To Make a Birthday Video

Knowing how to make a birthday video gives you the power to create a special celebration the birthday person will cherish for years. You can use a birthday video as party background, or record party memories to give the birthday celebrant later. It’s a great... read more

How to Make a Promo Video

When you have skill in how to make a promo video, the result may be a marked increase in traffic to your website. Place promo videos on YouTube or other hosting sites to encourage visits to your site and increase sales. Following are some tips for how to make a good... read more

How To Make A How To Video

“How to” video is one of the most-viewed types of video on the Internet, so everyone wants to know how to make a “how to video”. How to videos can demonstrate how to complete home projects, use software or other educational tools, or create... read more


When you’re producing a video you should never underestimate the importance of the preproduction phase.  Preproduction is where your video design and plan are put into place. Like all art, video starts with an idea.  Once the idea is generated, a production company... read more