Tips For Making Good Wedding VideosVideotaping weddings can quickly grow from hobby to budding business, if you do it right. However, doing it right comes with a unique set of challenges.

Wedding videographers have to record every shot in a single take, because it’s only going to happen once—you can’t ask the happy couple to back up and do it over.

The lighting is likely to be low and difficult to control. The scenes will change rapidly, and the client will expect you to capture each moment perfectly.

Here are a few tips for getting good wedding footage:

  1. Use the rehearsal to figure out everything that could get in the way of getting the best shot of the couple during the ceremony, and fix it.
  2. Get in touch with the wedding photographer prior to the event. Ask him/her to dress in subdued colors and to stay clear of the video camera during the wedding. Get backup from the bride and groom if you need to.
  3. Get full cooperation from the bride and groom—give them specific instructions on how to stand, tilt their hands so you can see the rings, etc., so you get the shots you need to make quality video. Also talk with the bridesmaids and best man; ask them to look over their shoulders toward the camera during the ceremony and to leave enough space between themselves and the bride and groom for the camera.
  4. Interact with the minister if at all possible, so he or she knows where you’ll be setting up the camera and will be on board with the recording process.
  5. Arrive early on the day and check for decorations, flowers, etc. blocking the view of the camera, and make changes as needed.
  6. Adjust for lighting prior to the ceremony. Outdoor weddings mean harsh, unflattering sunlight, while indoor receptions may have the lights turned down very low.
  7. Relax and enjoy the day!