If you’ve never watched the Nigahiga Channel on YouTube, there’s no time like the present. In August 2009, Nigahiga became the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time. As of August 2010, Nigahiga had more than 2.6 million subscribers and in excess of 84 million channel views.

Nigahiga was formed by the Japanese-American Ryan Higa and a group of his friends in Hilo, Hawaii, including Sean Fujiyoshia, Tim Enos, and Tarynn Nago among others (the group is also known as “The Yabo Crew”). Since Higa recently moved to Las Vegas to undertake film studies at UNLV, his videos have been primarily solo efforts, except when he takes time off during school breaks to visit his friends back in Hilo.

Higa and Fujiyoshi started their YouTube careers in 2006 with a series of lip-synching videos (they were in high school at the time). They quickly expanded their repertoire into comedy skits and other pieces, and created the Nigahiga channel on July 20, 2006. 

Despite facing sporadic copyright issues (primarily over copyrighted music in their lip-synching spots), the site has enjoyed steadily increasing popularity the past few years, before finally surpassing the Fred Channel for the most YouTube subscribers in 2009.

The Nigahiga videos are pretty funny, and worth a look if you have some viewing time set aside.